Axis Module CCF10

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- Axis Module is designed of variety stroke for your selection.
- Various models provided many combinations in different industry applications.
- Axis Module is fully integrated with Aurotek controller.
- Our technicians have invested years of effort on control system, software and hardware integration.
- Customers can easy use directly on production line in short time to reduce the development lead time.
- We are willing to share these experiences to create their customers the best quality and efficiency.

  • Built-in Servomotor
  • Module design and easy for integration
  • Low cost and easy maintenance
  • Use high precise C7 class ball screw
  • Light weight aluminum frame
  • High stiffness structure design
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.03mm
Ball screw Lead 20mm       10mm       5mm
Rated Speed 1000mm/sec 500mm/sec 250mm/sec
Theory Thrust Force 84N        168N       334N
Maximum Stroke Length 1200mm     1200mm     900mm
Maximum Speed mm/sec
Lead 20mm 10mm 5mm
750 Stroke 853 426 213
850 Stroke 672 336 158
950 Stroke 553 275 -
1050 Stroke 463 231 -
1150 Stroke 388 194 -
Motor/ Driver Panasonic AC Servo Motor 100W
100V:MSMD011 P1S(Motor) MADDT1107 (Driver)
200V:MSMD012 P1S(Motor) MADDT1205 (Driver)
Transmit Coupling
Drive C7 Ball Screw
Ø16 lead 20,10,5mm
Guide Linear Guide 1 pc
OT Sensor   PM-U24
Home Sensor PM-U24