Core Values

One for All All for One

A successful business is depends on a successful team. Aurotek believes that a company’s potential is unlimited only if everyone works as a team. Through the external support of vendors and the internal growth within our company, Aurotek has received numerous awards since 1980. All the honors and the achievements are the result of our excellent teamwork. To help foster a team spirit, we provide a work environment that is comfortable, friendly, and fair. We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource, and that having happy employees helps increase the success of our company.

Investment Opportunities and Collaboration Benefits

Under the rapidly growing global market, the biggest challenge of a business is how to succeed. Therefore, to establish and enhance mutually beneficial partnerships with both customers and vendors is what we focus on. Based on the idea of “A Complete Solution from One Source”, the ultimate goal of Aurotek is to provide customers integrated and complete services. Through cooperation with vendors, we are looking forward to creating unlimited possibilities by integrating limited resources. In addition, we would like to assist our customers to create the highest profit by sharing opportunities in the market.

Resource Integration and Value Creation

Our business philosophy is to keep the concept of innovation and variety in mind while integrating existing resources. Using a holistic strategy for our products, techniques, organization, and market, we are able to achieve higher levels of performance. By expanding sales territory, establishing new business fields, and using PDCAL (Plan-Do-Check-Action-Learning) cycle to adjust management, Aurotek continuously attempts to reach operational excellence. Our business culture is to believe in unlimited potential of innovation and to pursue unlimited competence of business.