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Multi-sensor measurements
With the DeMeet Combo model both principles are integrated and measurements can be performed by the optical and the probing system. For example for measurements on the side and bottom part of the measuring object, for measuring the diameter of a hole on a specific depth or to create a product alignment by probing.
  • DeMeet measuring machines
    The DeMeet video (optical), touch probe and multi-sensor (optical and probing combined) CNC measuring machines.With an excellent price-performance ratio the DeMeet measuring machines break the barrier for high precision quality control on the production floor as well as in measuring laboratories.Applications of video and multi-sensor measuring are among others in the precision engineering, medical, plastics and electronics industry.
  • Machine construction
    The construction of the DeMeet-220 is a base and portal of extremely tension relieved cast iron; the other DeMeet machines have a granite surface plate base (DIN 876/00).
    The application of quality components from well-known, specialized manufacturers ensures excellent performance and highly accurate measurements.
  • Optical measurements
    With non-contact measuring the measurements in 2D and/or
    3D are performed without the risk of product deformation or damage. Within the (camera) field of view a very high accuracy can be achieved. The measuring speed of optical measurements with the DeMeet is very high.Telecentric optics are supplied as a standard to avoid perspective image distortion around the centre of the field of view. Magnification from 40x to 400x.
    Illumination is essential for accurate measurements. The DeMeet is equipped with LED based illumination (backlight, coaxial light and segmented ringlight).
  • Probing measurements
    In addition to the standard touch probe system, an optional stylus change rack (automatic probe configuration change) or indexing(probe orientation) probe systems can be utilized.
  • Multi-sensor software
    Approve for DeMeet is true multi-sensor software for combined video and probe measurements in one measuring program and guarantees fast and easy operation to perform your measuring tasks.

DeMeet Series are only sold in China, If you have any requirement, please contact Aurotek (Shanghai) Inc.

Model DeMeet-404
Video system DeMeet camera (1/2" Sony-CCD)
Touch Probe system Renishaw TP20-5W (standard)-Combo Model
Nikon telecentric lenses 3.0x (1.0x, 5.0x and 10.0x optional)
Leica-design telecentric lenses 2.0x (1.0x, 5.0x and 10.0x optional)
Ringlight White LED: 3 rings, 16 segments and 48 cells (adjustable)
Backlight and coaxial light Adjustable
Reference sphere (mm) Ceramic � 25-Combo Model
Drive equipment DC servo motors
Operation Motorized joystick control / Full CNC control
Measuring range (mm) X = 400, Y = 400, Z = 200
Table size (mm) X = 560, Y = 574
Dimensions (mm) W = 870, L = 1245, H = 1580
Weight (approx. kg) 710
Maximum load (kg) 50
Measuring specifications
Resolution (µm) 0.5 (0.1 optional)
Accuracy 0.5µm model (µm) U1 (X, Y, Z) = 4 L/150*
(L in mm) U2 (XY) = 5 L/150-Video Model      
U3 (XYZ) = 5 L/150*-Combo Model
Accuracy 0.1µm model (µm) U1 (X, Y, Z) = 3 L/200*
(L in mm) U2 (XY) = 4 + L/200-Video Model        
U3 (XYZ) = 4 + L/200*-Combo Model
Max. velocity (mm/s) X, Y = 250, Z = 50
* The accuracy of the probing system should be taken into account.
Voltage (V) 90 - 120 ; 210 - 240 (50 to 60 Hz)
Power (VA) 400
Minimum system requirements CPU: 2.0 GHz Core-2-Duo Intel (or AMD equivalent) or higher   
Internal Memory: 2 GB RAM or more
Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 (Full-HD)
Video: PCI-e display adapter supporting OpenGL with pixelbuffer extension (recommended: nVidia Quadro NVS295 or higher)
USB port to connect the dongle
PCI-slot for SGM15400 framegrabber (video only)
Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7
For Windows 7 both the 32 bit and 64 bit version are supported, for previous versions of Windows only the 32 bit version is supported.
Operating temperature (°C) 15 ~ 35
Storage temperature (°C) -10 ~ 50
Measuring temperature (°C) 20 ± 0.5
Relative humidity (%) 40〜70(no condensation)