Q:Please tell me about Aurotek
A:Aurotek was founded in 1980 based on the following mission statement:「 To Create Top Of The World Manufacturing Industry In Taiwan」. In order to provide our customers with productions of high value added products, our core focus is centered around the research and development, production, and manufacturing of key products and technology. From bearings, linear motion components, motor drive, automatic control, industrial robots, SMT processing equipment and LCD, semiconductor processing equipment, to fume exhaust devices, and seismic isolators that are designed for architectural engineering, these Aurotek products are all designed to play an integral part in the industrial as well as the engineering field, they have proved to be a valuable resource and a thorough solution to our customers for automated processing equipment.

For the past thirty years, Aurotek has excelled in areas such as machine tools, industrial machinery, automotives, information technology, semiconductor, architecture, construction, and civil engineering. Our head company is based in Taipei, our plant in Taoyuan, and several retail sites are spread among central and southern Taiwan. We also have branch services in Bangkok, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Kunshan to correspond with international market needs.. Holding our current philosophy: “integrity and innovation,” Aurotek will continue to dedicate to our customers on a never ending journey of innovation, bringing the world better products and services, and becoming the lead player in systematic processing.
Q:How to obtain Aurotek Corporation’s business information?
A:Aurotek major products and services can breakdown into five categories: Key Components for Automation, Equipment for Automation and Process, Photonic Crystal, ECO Energy Saving & Safety, Web-studio and E-learning. More detail product information, please check Aurotek’s product page.
Q:How to get investment information
A:Any investment related inquiry please contact us. (02)8752-3311# 7512
Q:When was Aurotek Corporation founded?
A:Aurotek Co , Ltd. was founded in 1980.
Q:Who is Aurotek Corporation’s common stock transfer agent?
A:Gfortune Securities agency department
Address: 3F., No.51, Sec. 1, Minsheng E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-2-2562-1658
Q:What is Aurotek’s major products and services?
A:Aurotek is a public listing company, all the information about the company are available at the following websites:

Aurotek: http://www.aurotek.com.tw

TWSE: http://www.twse.com.tw

M.O.P.S: http://newmops.tse.com.tw/