MCS-8324 Stand Alone Controller

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-Pulse speed up to 6 Mpps
-Interpolation speed up to 3 Mpps
-Through RS232 connect to HMI
-Programming capacity up to 999 sets
-Pulse drive option CW/CCW, PULSE/DIR and AB phase
-T / S curve velocity profiles
-2/3/4 axes linear interpolation
-2 axes circular interpolation
-Multi-axis continuous interpolation
-Interpolate period support S/T curve acc. /dec.
-Programmable acc./deceleration timing
-Simultaneously drive by Interpolation / non-Interpolation both
Motor type support AC servo / stepping motor
Max. number of axes 4
Max. pulse output rate 6 Mpps( 3 Mpps when interpolation)
Max. acceleration rate 1024 Mpps2
Interpolation 2/3/4 axes linear, 2 axes circular
Speed resolution 16 bits( 1~65535)
Encoder counter resolution 32 bits( Max. 2,147,483,648)
Encoder feedback rate 6Mpps under 4 X AB phase
Position range 32 bits ( ±2,147,483,648)
I / O interface signal External Power DC 12~24V
Machine interface LMT+ x 4, LMT- x 4, ORG x 4
Servo Motor interface ALM x 4, INP x 4
General purpose input (IN0 ~IN2) x 4
Program capacity 99 Programs x 999 Step max. 19300 steps
Dimension(LxWxH) 145 x 136 x 14 mm
Power consumption Typical 5 V @ 850 mA