2015 ● Aurotek obtained the technology development program of the Ministry of Economy Affairs (MOEA) - Large-Area Mico/Nanoinprint device Integration research project.
● Aurotek acquired the patent authorization of In-line LED thermal resistance testing and technical team transferring from the Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).
● Aurotek was appointed as one of the authorized distributors of Nabtsco.
2013 ● All series of Linear Axis modules achieved full compliance with AS9100 Certification.
● Starting to develop the Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) equipment (HRM-1000).
● Aurotek (Kunshan) Inc. was certified with TUV, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.
2011 ● Aurotek joint venture with KYOWA KOGYO CO.(Japan) and GMB CO.(Japan), established 昆山吉佑和精密零部件有限公司 in Kunshan.
● Production high precision parts for the automobile industry and high precision components for machines.
2010 ● Received Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award.
● Build nano graphical substrate(NPSS) production line.
● Wind reinforced shutter receives the「Symbol of Excellence」.
2009 ● r-S330M received the 「Symbol of Excellence」
● LW-S1-100 received the 「Symbol of Excellence」
● WS3A Window Shutter received the 「Symbol of Excellence」
● Received the Environmental Management System:ISO4001:200 certification of TUV.
2008 ● Won National Quality Award for Total Quality Management(TQM)
● Photonic Crystal Technology Laboratory established.
2007 ● Public listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange (stock code:6215)
2006 ● Neotelecom Trading Corporation established in Philippines.
● Aurotek (Kunshan) Inc. prepared to establish.
● Taichung branch office established.
● Taoyuan branch office established.
● Bought Taoyuan plant.
2005 ● SNG Web studio received the 「Symbol of Excellence, Taiwan」and「National Awards of Excellence, Silver Award」.
2004 ● Delta F-102 Auto Fiber Alignment & Laser Welding System received the 「National Awards of Excellence, Silver Award」
● Bought new business building at Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City.
2003 ● Ω9000D received the “Symbol of Excellence, Taiwan” and "National Awards of Excellence, Silver Award".
● Involved in Biotechnology field, building a platform for biological microscope.
● Passed to the National Design Award finalist of laser welding system.
2002 ● On Stock cabinet.
2001 ● SEM Innovation Research Award by President National Award of Small & Medium Enterprise.
● Aurotek (Shanghai) Inc. established.
● Aurotek Singapore Pte. Ltd. established.
● 制震科技股份有限公司 established in Taipei.
● The company name changed from「和椿事業股份有限公司」to「和椿科技股份有限公司」.
2000 ● Won National Gold Award of Excellence byr-S168IN-LINE PCB Separator.
1999 ● UNA single-axis IRUS multi-axis motion controllers receive the 「Symbol of Excellence, Taiwan」 and 「Symbol of Excellence, Taiwan」
1998 ● Aurotek Japan, Inc. established in Tokyo.
● γ-S168 PC Board Separator is promoted locally and overseas and receives the 「Symbol of Excellence, Taiwan」
1997 ● Won National Silver Award of Excellence as well as Excellence of Taiwan Product 1997 by β–series Multi-axes Robot
1996 ● ISO 9002 Certified for Factory Automation Division.
● β Series robot and Σ series single axis robot arm were launched in domestic and overseas.
1994 ● The company name changed to 和椿事業股份有限公司.
1992 ● Gate cut robot equipment developed by Aurotek was launched.
1989 ● Plenty Island (Thai) Co. Ltd. established in Bangkok, Thailand.
1988 ● Joint ventured with OILES Japan and setup Taiwan OILES Industry Co.
1981 ● As a trading company and imported products from OILES Co.,(Japan)
1980 ● 和椿貿易股份有限公司 established.