NB linear bearing

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A simple mechanism, our SLIDE BUSH provides low friction slide motion has multi-various applications throughout all fields in the industrial world, a product that has received many accolades from various customers as an ideal product. Both slide and rotary motion with STROKE BUSH gives abundant variations that meet the various special needs of our many customers.

-The NB's STROKE BUSH is a linear and rotational motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements between an outer cylinder and a shaft. It is compact and can with stand high loading. The retainer is made of a light metal alloy with high wear resistance. Smooth motion is achieved under high-speed and high-acceleration conditions. Although the linear motion is limited to a predetermined stroke distance, the smooth combination of linear and rotational motions is achieved with very little frictional resistance. The NB stroke bush may be conveniently used in a variety of applications.

-NB's SLIDE ROTARY BUSH is a highly accurate rigid component providing smooth continuous linear and rotational motion. Its structure imposes no constraints on either motion. It is much more compact than a standard slide bush with separate rotational bearing.