Panasonic Minas A4 AC Servo Motor

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Panasonic fourth generation servo motors, the max. response frequency can reach to 1000Hz. Smart real time automatic tuning, manual tuning is not necessary. Plentiful functions are built, like damping control, full closed control etc.

Max. response frequency 1000Hz

-Hi-performance CPU and new control algorithm inside, the max. velocity loop response frequency can reach to 1kHz.

Manual free real time automatic gain tuning

-Automatic estmate the loading inertia for setting suitable gains, and detect resonance frequency of the system then set suitable filters to reduce vibrations.

Plentiful damping control functions

-In automatic gain tuning mode, driver will set the frequency of adapted filter to restrain the vibrations on the resonance frequency.

-In manual tuning mode, users can set two notch filiters for restraining the vibrations on multi-resonance points.

-For low frequency vibration, users can set two damping frequency of the damping control filter which suppress vibration at the load edge.

Hi-precision position control, max. command pulses frequency 2MPPS

-Max. command pulses input frequency can reach to 2Mpps.

Provide external linear scale port for full closed loop control

-Linear scale is adapetable, for hi-precision position control system.