Permawick Wicking Materials

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The new lubrication method can make motor bearing design easier, increas the life tims of bearing, slove oild leaking problem, reduce noise and lower motor cost.

-Permawick is a wicking lubricant that can be machine injected into any size or shape of bearing reservoir. Permawick material permanently lubricates sleeve bearing systems. There is no need to re-oil Permawick. Permawick is a blend of engineered fibers and formulated oil that bonds to form a unique oil delivery system. Permawick is the industry standard for lubricating Fractional Horsepower Electric Motor.

-Older methods of lubrication used wool felts soaked in oil. Often the oil was simply a motor oil, not a formulated blend for FHP bearing requirements. Soaking felts is a messy and imprecise business resulting in uneven amounts of oil in assembled motors. These solid felt wicks monopolize the available space in the bearing reservoir leaving little room for oil. The felt simply acts as a mechanical obstacle to the natural flow of oil, trapping the oil between fibers. As temperatures go up, the oil flows out. Even worse, felts act like sponges, absorbing humidity.