Precision Stage

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1.Because of this precision stage use precision screw and linear crossed roller bearings, so it can be achieved 1um level.
2.5-Phase Microstepping Motor.
3.Unitized configuration design.
4.Design of dual-axis motor, ENCODER can be connected.
Model AA-40X AA-50X AA-60X AA-70X AA-100X
Table Size 40mm×40mm 50mm×50mm 60mm×60mm 70mm×75mm 100mm×100mm
Guide Mechanism V Groove Precision Crossed Roller
Motion Range ±5mm ±7.5mm ±10mm ±12.5mm ±20mm
Lead Mechanism Ball Screw,pitch 1.0mm
Repeatability ±0.5μm
Straightness (1μm/10mm) (1μm/15mm) (1μm/20mm) (1μm/25mm) (1μm/40mm)
Maximum Speed 8mm/sec(8kpps)
Load Capacity(Horizontally 2kgf 4kgf 5kgf 8kgf 10kgf
Material Alminum Alloy
Exterior Black Color Anodized Mat
Weight 0.25kg 0.6kg 0.75kg 0.85kg 1.8kg
Motor Model 5 Phase Stepper Motor
Ideal Resolution 1μm/step(Half)