SoftServo WMX2

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64 Axes of Versatile, Advanced Motion Control on EtherCAT.
•Over 500 API functions, supports up to 256 threads.
•Includes EtherCAT Network Management APIs.
•Develop own customized original motion controller.
•Console and Network Management Tool included.
•All this, on a Windows PC.

Number of Axis, Channels 64 axes with up to 64 channels
Interpolation Types Linear (64 axis), Arc (2 axis), Helical (3 axis)
Motion Control Functions JOG, Homing, PTP, List Motion, Path Interpolation, Buffered API Execution Mode (Sequential PTP, Trajectory Control), Spline Interpolation (Cubic-spline, etc.)
Sync Control (Master-slave control) Max. 32 pairs (Multiple slave axes / Changing pairs supported)
Interpolation Cycle Default: 1ms (can be changed depending on the system: 0.25ms – 4ms depending on the system)
I/O Control Functions 11,600 inputs/ 11,600 outputs. (over 1KB for each). Supports most commercial EtherCAT devices
Supported Command Modes Position / Velocity / Torque (Transparent mode is available for Torque and Velocity)