A complete human resource management strategy that enables our company to achieve higher levels of competitive advantage through our workforce.

Our employees are our most valuable assets, so we work hard to maintain the highest levels of quality in our workforce through complete and rigorous training in order to provide our customers with the absolute best service.


Professional Team Learning System:


Always available training:

We have developed an e-learning platform that enables our employees to learn company best practices and encourage them to seek training at anytime. Aside from the online platform, we also provide relevant books and journals in employee lounge areas.

Career development:

  • 1.Career planning: Aurotek provides two possible career paths for employees, a technical track and a management track. This allows employees to pursue their desired career goals.
  • 2.Job rotations: Based on company needs and professional aspirations, managers can help adjust roles and responsibilities to further develop employee skillsets, providing them with additional opportunities.
  • 3.Reward and Recognition: Through a variety of events and activities, high performing employees are rewarded and recognized for their hard work and contributions. These rewards serve as additional incentives for other employees to achieve higher levels of performance.